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Requirements: What Do I Need to Foster?

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Have your household pets up to date on vaccines and preventions

  • Have permission from your landlord to house an animal if you rent

  • Be willing and able to bring your fosters into the shelter for regular updates and vaccinations

We provide all the food, supplies and medical services as well as all the support you could ask for - all we need from you is love, attention and a little space in your home.


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  • Staff will contact you when your foster is ready for pickup!

  • Optional: Read up on some of our FOSTER RESOURCES & join us for FOSTER ORIENTATION to learn more about why we need fosters, what you should expect when fostering and how to care for our most vulnerable animals.

Fostering FAQs

Will the foster animal have accidents in the house or cause damage?

Foster animals, like any other companion animal, may have bathroom accidents or chew on valuable items. Supervision and preparing a safe place in you home will help prevent most accidents. Crate training for dogs can be especially helpful to keep them safe and out of mischief.



Won't it be hard to give them back to the shelter when the foster is over?

More than likely, you will become emotionally attached to your foster animal but you can take comfort in knowing the incredibly important part you have played in helping that animal find the loving permanent home they deserve.


Worst case scenario they have already found their forever home with you and that's fine. We prefer our fosters not to adopt so that they can continue to foster for us but we completely understand that sometimes you just can't help falling in love.