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We Love our Members!

The Rt. Rev. David C. Bane Jr. - Lifesaver

Ray and Kathy Brandi - Protector

Richard and Florence Carver - Hero

Peggy Cavallo

Dennis Chamberlin - Companion

Shirley Collins - Supporter

Margene Curtice - Companion

Lisa Daum - Supporter

Don and Mechele Davis

Michelle Donahue - Companion

Phil and Kathy Donahue - Companion

James Drury - Supporter

David and Ruth Elder - Supporter

Joan Ellis - Supporter

Tara Fox - Companion

Delores Gallup - Companion

Doug and Diana Gardner - Companion

Ray and Teresa Godfrey - Supporter

Ruth Goetz - Best Friend

Susie Gonzalez - Best Friend

Charles and Lucy Gordon

Sharon Greene - Supporter

Karen Lynn Gregory - Supporter

Andrea Grumbles - Companion

Lisa Harman-Wakefield - Hero

Roy J. Hammond - Companion

Dorsey Harris - Lifesaver

Nancy Houtz Harris - Defender

Sue Hayhurst - Companion

Ann Hoffman - Hero

Andrew Howle - Best Friend

Dean and Catherine Hoyt - Supporter

Sharon Hunt - Lifesaver

Joe Inq and Bren O'Sullivan - Supporter

Blair Jackson - Supporter

Joe and Lyn Jenkins - Supporter

Carol Jordan - Supporter

Brenda Kipper - Protector

Andrew Kreutzer - Best Friend

Jan Lauten - Best Friend

Bettie Mitchell Lyons - Supporter

Steve and Cindy Manuli - Supporter

Barbara Marcello - Lifetime Member

Michael McLain

John and Lesley Miner - Protector

Fred and Lynne Nichterlein - Companion

Kim Parrish - Companion

Jim and Ann Pitts - Companion

Bobby and Jane Plough - Supporter

Andy Revie

Fred and Jan Riley - Supporter

Katherine Rogers - Defender

Donald and Margaret Rotunda - Hero

Jeffrey Rousch - Companion

Latoya Sisson - Supporter

Glenn and Diane Sivills - Guardian

JoEllen Smith - Lifesaver

Judy Stallings - Supporter

Woody and Gwen Stevens - Supporter

Peter and Sue Thomson - Supporter

Bob Thorne - Companion

Roger and Ursula Tolson - Supporter

Verna Wall - Supporter

Doreen Warren - Lifetime Member

Debbie Worley - Defender

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