Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a "no-kill" shelter?

We are an Open Admission Shelter, which means we accept animals turned in by Pasquotank and Camden County residents or those picked up by Animal Control. We do euthanize some animals for poor health or temperament, but we do not impose a time limit and we work very hard to match each animal with a loving, forever home.

What is included in the adoption process?

After you've visited the shelter and found the perfect match for you, we ask that you complete an adoption form telling us more about your experience with animals and we will need a copy of your driver's license. If you are adopting a dog and currently have a dog at home, we ask that you bring your dog in for a visit to help make sure they are compatible,  Adoption fees are $90 for dogs 6 months and older, $130 for 5 months and younger., $50 for cats, and $65 for kittens under 5 months of age 

I think my neighbor is abusing/neglecting their animal. Can you help?

To report a cruelty case or a stray animal, please contact:

Pasquotank County Animal Control at 252-331-1500

Camden County Animal Control at 252-338-5046